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This site is built on archived stories of healing. The men and women you meet here have explored the edges and unknowns of their inner life. Their bridges to healing were full of unique challenges and different phases. Through crossing them they discovered insight, deep meaning and courage...

————————————— the interviewees

To find stories that speak to you, go to the Interviewees page and read the short summaries next to their photos and illustrations.

When you visit an individual's page you will find an introduction and excerpts from the interview. You can then download the entire interview to read when you wish.

Some interviewees choose to be anonymous. They do so because this allows them to be freer in their sharing. Each person has provided an email address where they may be reached.

————————————— the themes

Another way to locate stories that speak to you is to look through Themes of healing. When you click on a specific theme—such as addiction, relationships or spirituality--you will be shown a list of interviewees expressing that theme.

————————————— new additions

Along with interviews and themes, special features will be continually added. Please include your name on our update list to grow along with us!

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