growing a vision


It has been a wet, lush spring in the eastern US and gardens are flourishing. And a perfect time to bring together our growing community to envision and fertilize the future of The Healing Bridge.

In 2004 our non-profit committed to a strategic planning process. Our trustee board commissioned a planning committee to design a step by step plan for refining our vision and mission and shaping our purpose. In April we marked our third anniversary for being on-line by re-drafting our mission and vision:

To transform awareness of the meaning and significance of authentic healing.

Be a global forum to inspire, educate, connect and support those seeking community and credible resources in all aspects of healing.

On June 12th a dynamic group of healing practitioners, interviewees, trustees, volunteers, community members and supporters gathered. We started our day by sharing our individual stories of healing and reviewing the history of The Healing Bridge from 1998 to today. Throughout many challenging seasons, we noted the strengthening of the project's core values: Authenticity, Empathy, Wise Discernment, Courage, Respect, Principled Intention, Love and Global Community. In the afternoon a variety of groups molded our shared experiences and learning to craft priorities for carrying forth our mission.

The images on this page are glimpses of a revitalized focus and the people who brought together their wisdom to build bridges between medicine, spirituality, psychology, science and global systems.

With deep appreciation we thank all those who contributed to an exceptional day and to a new season of growth for The Healing Bridge Project.

Alex Goncalves, Ben Wagner, Denise Curcio, Dian O'Leary, Ellen Davis, Jane Hart, John Rossi, John Cardano, Judith Katz, Julie Spahr, Kallie Kendle, Kathleen Wong, Larry Levine, Lois Rosenfelt, Marty Kenny, Richard Jontry, Roger Halm, Sally McAfee, Susie Brew, Susan Cavaliere, Vicki Stone, Virginia McKinnie, Lori Yamas
Planning Committee
Julie Spahr
Marty Kenny
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Kallie Kendle
Jane Hart
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