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This page was archived on September 2005
Healing is natural. Yet dealing with, resolving and finding the meaning of life’s challenges can be an elusive, lonely process.

This site is dedicated to helping you tap into the heart and soul of healing. We interview everyday people around the world who share their extraordinary wisdom about:

Relationships Illness Addiction Spirituality Life purpose Trauma Depression Loss and death Mental health Identity

Their stories bring to light the steps and stages of healing and will help you discern the integrity of your unique experience. In addition, you will find many trustworthy resources, tools and a community to inspire and support you.

To learn more about the non-profit Healing Bridge Project we invite you to:
See the scope of our work on the Research Project page.
Read about the vision and values that guide Our Mission.
Go to our Director’s Welcome.

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As a non-profit, The Healing Bridge Project Inc. does not endorse or promote a specific creed. We seek to shed light on the common threads in a wide and diverse tapestry of perspectives on healing and personal transformation.