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Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page
Mandala is Sanskrit for "whole world" or "healing circle." Used for meditation, protection, and healing. "The only way to truly understand mandalas is to draw them."

Creativity Heals
Inspires creativity as an aid to healing. Stories of healing through creativity.

Poetic Medicine
John Fox illustrates how poetry can act as a healing catalyst to help you reclaim your feelings, your voice, your truth and what matters to you in your life.

Arts Empower
Resources to investigate the power of the arts as a force for positive change in our lives and community. Includes dance, theatre, music, visual arts, writing and poetry, storytelling.

Healing Story Alliance
Explores and promotes the use of storytelling in healing.

Sound Remedies
Sonic solutions for health, learning and productivity: an on-line educational resource for music and sound programs.