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Please contact if any of these links no longer make connection.

Resources that benefited those interviewed on The Healing Bridge site. This co-created site by individuals who have experienced deep healing and authentic community offers abundant healing resources, readings, and links to integrated healers. The Cultural Creatives "Big Picture" site based on the book by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson about the 50 million who hunger for deep personal and cultural change. A site with a planetary vision to unite people to shape a sustainable and peaceful future for all, and help inspire humanity to new ethics, actions and heights. Their first World Day Of Planetary Consciousness at the Spring Equinox 2001 was an exceptional global event. The Archives of Scientists Transcendent Experiences (TASTE) is an online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. Fascinating articles. The Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (AAP) provides information on the inclusive and healing perspective on human development known as Psychosynthesis. New Heaven, New Earth – a site with multiple newsletters that offers news, inspiration, and consumer protection in a growing networked community of spiritual seekers Online Noetic Network (ONN) is an online dialog about living consciously and building a world based on connection, purpose, and wisdom. Readings and listservs are offered. Peter Russell’s site on the "crisis of consciousness" and on-going paradigm shift. He offers many short and long articles to educate and inspire.