the project

The full scope of the research.

Our mission statement.

The non-profit Healing Bridge Project Inc. is both a community service and a research project. We explore the intricate process of healing mind, body and spirit.

What is healing? How does it happen? What is within us that yearns to heal?

We seek answers to these questions through interviewing individuals who generously share their experiences of healing. Their stories provide glimpses of lives transformed, expressing the revelations and mysteries of healing.

The people interviewed offer their stories as supports and guideposts because they have come to trust the process. This process is what the research seeks to understand.

As research progresses, insights gained will be published and offered as downloads and ezines. The project offers teleconferences, seminars and workshops, and a free downloadable guide, 'Surrender to Healing' is currently available.

The Healing Bridge website provides:

The site is constantly growing and bulletin boards, online groups and teleconferences will be coming soon.

The Healing Bridge Project was initiated by Dr. Jane Hart in 1998. It has developed into a vision shared by a diverse and growing group of people around the world.