the healing bridge
research project

The Healing Bridge Project explores the process of personal transformation through the lens of healing mind, body and spirit. This process can generate deep awareness and insight, expanded consciousness, new meaning and perspective, and a redefinition of one’s sense of self. Yet, such a transformative process may also leave a person very disoriented; facing doubts, fears, and many unknowns. The research described here focuses on the dynamic journey and milestones of the inner path of healing.

————————————— focus of research

The Healing Bridge Research Project is built on structured interviews. Edited, these interviews are shared on the website as narratives of healing to provide a source of support, service and community to the public.

Interview data will also be analyzed and presented in publications and educational seminars.

This study focuses on questions that address the following aspects of healing:

  • Definition, stages
  • Issues, circumstances, significant events
  • Psychological/emotional/spiritual components
  • Obstacles, challenges
  • Beliefs, motivation, change in consciousness
  • Epiphanies, insights, ways of integrating
  • Needs, resources and tools, guidance
  • Impact on life purpose, relationships, and service to others


————————————— what the research offers

This qualitative research examines the healing process for the following purposes:

  • To analyze personal interviews in order to:
    • identify patterns
    • illustrate the process
    • provide insight into the profound changes of personal healing
    • offer support to those facing the challenges of healing
    • highlight paths of awakening to one's personal destiny and contribution to humanity
    • help facilitate the positive potential of these changes

  • Offer journal and book publications about the dynamic process of inner healing for reference and use by healing professionals

  • To encourage cross-dialogue between varied disciplines to work together for the purpose of transformation and healing


————————————— who is interviewed?

The narratives presented in The Healing Bridge Project are edited interviews from individuals who:

  • Experienced a shift in meaning and perspective while healing aspects of their lives related to illness, addiction, life purpose, relationships, emptiness spirituality, identity, trauma and loss (see Healing Themes)
  • Reflect on and incorporate the effects of healing in work and daily living
  • Have insights into the elements that contributed to personal transformation
  • Wish to share their discoveries and the benefits of personal healing in the spirit of service
  • Offer empathic, respectful support for others through email contact


————————————— comments from interviewees

"Seldom are we asked to share hard-won insights in such a respectful way... I am convinced that the interview process has been healing for me, challenging me to sum up the past and open a new chapter of my story. ...a gift to all who seek to understand why the meaning we make from suffering matters at all."

"I found the experience to be extraordinarily beneficial. It brought closure to certain aspects of my life, which at the same time has dislodged something that I would term intangible, enabling new and exciting doors to open. Like a self-portrait, it got beneath the veneer of my life – and showed me things that I had forgotten about myself, as well as revealing new aspects of my being."

————————————— what the website offers

The Healing Bridge website is continually added to and provides:

  • Free access to sources of wisdom and empathic support for people in their process of deep inner change through:
    • Examples of inspiration and resourcefulness in personal Interviews
    • Opportunities to communicate with those interviewed
  • A contribution to the Vision of a collective reality of authentic and caring connection
  • Links to high quality resources, treatment and support for integreted healing
  • A global communication network to encourage a sensitive understanding of inner healing
  • Educational articles, subscriptions to email newsletters, online workshops and events
————————————— readers of current stories

"Reading the stories on The Healing Bridge site is like spending meaningful time with close friends who are entrusting me with their intimate life experiences, thoughts and feelings."

"Relating to their challenges and sharing in their triumphs gives me comfort, inspiration, and encouragement to keep going in my own healing process. "

"I thank The Healing Bridge project contributors for their generosity of spirit, courage, compassion, and their willingness to openly share their personal life stories."


————————————— to contribute or contact

The Healing Bridge Project is incorporated as a non-profit service and research organization. We are deeply grateful for the support of foundations and individuals for sponsorship, guidance and grants which made website development and the first set of interviews possible. Your contributions are invaluable in helping expand services, conduct interviews from a diverse, global population and support further research and education.

We welcome inquiry and dialogue and can be contacted through email or by calling Dr. Jane Hart at 610-725-9116.