the themes

life purpose
Life work, meaning in life, mission, soul purpose, calling

Physical and mental illness, chronic disease, cancer, surgeries, medical conditions

Intimacy, friendship, marriage, raising children, partnership, divorce, community, caring for elderly, service

loss and death
Death of loved ones, facing death, near-death experience, loss of dreams, self, home, meaning

Intellectual study, education, professional training, teaching, writing

Self development, new roles in life, gender issues, sexuality, sexual orientation

Addictions, dependencies and compulsions, personal recovery, 12 step recovery

Transcendent or mystical experience, spiritual awakening, conversion experience, religious discipline, spiritual practice

Depression, isolation, pointlessness, abandonment, estrangement, separation

Tragedy, accident, abuse, violence, incest, natural disaster, assault

Permission to use the following copyrighted illustrations has been granted or is being reviewed.
The Healing Bridge Project thanks those artists and illustrators whose work speaks to the healing spirit of our shared vision.
Illustrations for: Life Purpose & Trauma – Michael Green artist, copyright held by Brush Dance, 2000.
Illness, Relationships, Addictions, Loss & Death, Spirituality, Mind – Malcolm Godwin, artist, copyright held by artist, published by Penguin Press in 'Who Are You?', 2000.
Identity & Emptiness – Maxwell Miller, copyright held by Findhorn Press, published by Samuel Weiser, Inc.– 'The Universal Tarot', 1995.