Michael's young wife's cancer and death initiated a challenging path of healing as he came to accept his gayness, change careers, heal his own cancer and return to school. After a heart attack, the loneliness and depression he experienced deepened the intuition and spirituality he now depends on to guide his life.

Occupation: Addictions Therapist, Presenter, Researcher and Author
Interview: January, 2002.
New York, NY.


For 30 years Roger sought recovery from a "soul sickness" he first named as a Veteran's Hospital patient. Through caring men and Twelve Step programs he built a foundation for healing. As he helped others he found powerful, innovative resources for healing his own early life abuse and trauma.

Occupation: Counselor.
Age: 50

Interview: November 20, 2000.
Malvern, Pennsylvania


Janet’s experience, on both sides of the Atlantic, speaks of the way cultural and family influences effected her healing. Full of remarkable turning points her story traces her growing faith as she created a new life through the challenges of divorce, addiction recovery, mothering, painting and expanding her life purpose.
Occupation: Artist
Age: 55

Interview: September 5, 2000. Crickhowell, Wales, UK.

PETE H Pete's life of crime and addiction was healed through spirituality, love and compassionate service. By responding to fatal diseases with a spiritual program of recovery Pete has lived years beyond what doctors predicted. His faith, prayer and loving ways as a father and volunteer at the penitentiary sustains him daily.
Occupation: Home Improvement
Age: 50

Interviewed: January 12, 2002
Location: Phoenixville, PA

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