Michael's young wife's cancer and death initiated a challenging path of healing as he came to accept his gayness, change careers, heal his own cancer and return to school. After a heart attack, the loneliness and depression he experienced deepened the intuition and spirituality he now depends on to guide his life.

Occupation: Addictions Therapist, Presenter, Researcher and Author

Interview: January, 2002.
New York, NY.

After her husband and father's deaths and unexplainable illness, Linda faced a frightening unknown. By staying with the emptiness and moving to the country she started to follow a quiet inner voice. Subtle guidance through dreams, dancing, therapy and building a safe haven opened Linda to healing.
Occupation: In transition
Age: 53

Interviewed: May 24, 2002
Location: Luppit, Devon, UK
AletaLyle finds healing everywhere. As a woman who grew through abuse, divorce, illness, depression and discrimination she found strength and healing in standing up for herself and other women. Therapy, work and a healing mission were potent tools. Music, writing, singing, and acting all connect her to a presence of God.
Age: 73

Interview: February 16, 2001


Marriage and mothering initiated Diana's healing into selfhood and came into full form through sculpting. Therapy and mentors were potent bridges of healing. A daily spiritual practice of writing, prayer and reading over the past 12 years has opened her to the creative richness of inner darkness.

Occupation: Artist
Age: 58

Interview: March 24, 2001

Philadelphia, PA
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