Michael's young wife's cancer and death initiated a challenging path of healing as he came to accept his gayness, change careers, heal his own cancer and return to school. After a heart attack, the loneliness and depression he experienced deepened the intuition and spirituality he now depends on to guide his life.

Occupation: Addictions Therapist, Presenter, Researcher and Author

Interview: January, 2002.
New York, NY.

LINDA HALL After her husband and father's deaths and unexplainable illness, Linda faced a frightening unknown. By staying with the emptiness and moving to the country she started to follow a quiet inner voice. Subtle guidance through dreams, dancing, therapy and building a safe haven opened Linda to healing.
Occupation: In transition
Age: 53

Interviewed: May 24, 2002
Location: Luppit, Devon, UK
In an intensive seminar Annmarie had a profound opening to old relationship patterns. Her commitment to stay open brought loving resolution with her mother and choice of partners. A powerful spiritual crisis showed her how to trust her body experience and energy and led to a new life as a bodyworker.
Occupation: Accupressurist / Bodyworker
Age: 48

Interview: October 20, 2001
S.E. State
Through intensive retreats, emotional release, and the study of religious and spiritual traditions, Jonah faced and found healing for depression and sexual abuse. Therapy and experience with dreams, breath and body work, stories, and community service resolved years of struggle with beliefs about himself and evil.
Occupation: Journalist
Age: 49

Interview: January 28, 2001.
Mid Atlantic State
MARY BRANCH Severe bodily pain started Mary on a path of complete physical, mental and spiritual transformation. Her whole reality changed as she connected to lost parts of herself. Through total self-acceptance and learning to express herself freely she discovered the meaning of true strength. Mary's healing led to a brand new life.

Age: 50

Interviewed: June 18, 2001
Location: West Chester, PA

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