Cher Franklin was the inspired teacher and healer other healers turned to in challenging times. An aggressive breast cancer, diagnosed in 2001, took her life April 18, 2003. This speech, given to health care practitioners in the spring before her passing, is testimony to the wisdom and deep healing she found on her journey.

Occupation: Psychotherapist, teacher, writer.
Age: 53


Michael's young wife's cancer and death initiated a challenging path of healing as he came to accept his gayness, change careers, heal his own cancer and return to school. After a heart attack, the loneliness and depression he experienced deepened the intuition and spirituality he now depends on to guide his life.

Occupation: Addictions Therapist, Presenter, Researcher and Author

Interview: January, 2002.
New York, NY.

MARY BRANCH Severe bodily pain started Mary on a path of complete physical, mental and spiritual transformation. Her whole reality changed as she connected to lost parts of herself. Through total self-acceptance and learning to express herself freely she discovered the meaning of true strength. Mary's healing led to a brand new life.
Occupation: Graphic Designer, Personal Trainer, and Administrative Assistant
Age: 50
Interviewed: June 18, 2001
Location: West Chester, PA
HEMITRA CRECRAFT Diagnosed with a fibroid tumor, Hemitra realized her healing needed both conventional and alternative medicine. Her story is rich with resources and shows the potency of combining spiritual, psychological, emotional, shamanic and surgical approaches.

Occupation: Educator
Age: 53 years old
Interview: July 6, 2001, full moon
Location: Paoli, Pennsylvania

Richard’s healing journey spanned many years of enduring chronic illness and multiple surgeries. Through these he discovered the vital connection between body and soul. His healing bridges included writing poetry and prose, his daughter, a transformative near-death experience, ritual, and the power of caring.
Occupation: Writer / Editor
Age: 53

Interview: December 23, 2000.

St. Paul, Minnesota
Teresa Rose woke to healing through her mother's death. She found a new life and career in holistic health and experienced relief from chronic illness through an accelerated path of growth. As a parent she speaks to the changes healing brought to her family and work and the importance of responsibility.
Occupation: Holistic Health Practitioner
Age: 50

Interview: March 28, 2001
Paoli Pennsylvania