VIRGINIA MCKINNIE Having grown up in southern USA, Virginia challenged traditional beliefs to heal her sense of personal power, sexuality, and authenticity. Her healing tells of a return to wholeness and inner beauty. Through therapy, writing, psychospiritual growth and community she found joyful release from rape, depression, and addictions.
Occupation: Writer
Age: 44

Interview: January 24, 2001.
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
DENISE BRETON Denise's healing centers around relationships and her life's work. Her writing and teaching in philosophy and spirituality were bridges to deeper ‘knowing’ through the upheavals of many changes including divorce, relocation and the mystery of love. Astrology, mysticism, nature and spiritual study support her ongoing healing.
Occupation: Philosopher and Writer
Age: 47

Interview: December 25, 2000.
St. Paul, Minnesota
Through intensive retreats, emotional release, and the study of religious and spiritual traditions, Jonah faced and found healing for depression and sexual abuse. Therapy and experience with dreams, breath and body work, stories, and community service resolved years of struggle with beliefs about himself and evil.

Occupation: Journalist
Age: 49

Interview: January 28, 2001.
Mid Atlantic State
In an intensive seminar Annmarie had a profound opening to old relationship patterns. Her commitment to stay open brought loving resolution with her mother and choice of partners. A powerful spiritual crisis showed her how to trust her body experience and energy and led to a new life as a bodyworker.
Occupation: Accupressurist / Bodyworker
Age: 48

Interview: October 20, 2001
S.E. State

Teresa Rose woke to healing through her mother's death. She found a new life and career in holistic health and experienced relief from chronic illness through an accelerated path of growth. As a parent she speaks to the changes healing brought to her family and work and the importance of responsibility.

Occupation: Holistic Health Practitioner
Age: 50

Interview: March 28, 2001
Paoli Pennsylvania

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