Diagnosed with a fibroid tumor, Hemitra realized her healing needed both conventional and alternative medicine. Her story is rich with resources and shows the potency of combining spiritual, psychological, emotional, shamanic and surgical approaches

Occupation: Educator
Age: 53 years old
Interview: July 6, 2001, full moon
Location: Paoli, Pennsylvania

Denise's healing centers around relationships and her life's work. Her writing and teaching in philosophy and spirituality were bridges to deeper ‘knowing’ through the upheavals of many changes including divorce, relocation and the mystery of love. Astrology, mysticism, nature and spiritual study support her ongoing healing.
Occupation: Philosopher and Writer
Age: 47

Interview: December 25, 2000.
St. Paul, Minnesota
Richard’s healing journey spanned many years of enduring chronic illness and multiple surgeries. Through these he discovered the vital connection between body and soul. His healing bridges included writing poetry and prose, his daughter, a transformative near-death experience, ritual, and the power of caring.

Occupation: Writer / Editor
Age: 53

Interview: December 23, 2000.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Marriage and mothering initiated Diana’s healing into selfhood and came into full form through sculpting. Therapy and mentors were potent bridges of healing. A daily spiritual practice of writing, prayer and reading over the past 12 years has opened her to the creative richness of inner darkness.

Occupation: Artist
Age: 58

Interview: March 24, 2001
Philadelphia, PA

In an intensive seminar Annmarie had a profound opening to old relationship patterns. Her commitment to stay open brought loving resolution with her mother and choice of partners. A powerful spiritual crisis showed her how to trust her body experience and energy and led to a new life as a bodyworker. 

Occupation: Accupressurist / Bodyworker
Age: 48
Interview: October 20, 2001
S.E. State

Having grown up in southern USA, Virginia challenged traditional beliefs to heal her sense of personal power, sexuality, and authenticity. Her healing tells of a return to wholeness and inner beauty. Through therapy, writing, psychospiritual growth and community she found joyful release from rape, depression, and addictions.
Occupation: Writer
Age: 44

Interview: January 24, 2001.
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
AletaLyle finds healing everywhere. As a woman who grew through abuse, divorce, illness, depression and discrimination she found strength and healing in standing up for herself and other women. Therapy, work and a healing mission were potent tools. Music, writing, singing, and acting all connect her to a presence of God.

Age: 73

Interview: February 16, 2001
MARY BRANCH Severe bodily pain started Mary on a path of complete physical, mental and spiritual transformation. Her whole reality changed as she connected to lost parts of herself. Through total self-acceptance and learning to express herself freely she discovered the meaning of true strength. Mary's healing led to a brand new life.

Age: 50

Interviewed: June 18, 2001
Location: West Chester, PA

PETE H Pete's life of crime and addiction was healed through spirituality, love and compassionate service. By responding to fatal diseases with a spiritual program of recovery Pete has lived years beyond what doctors predicted. His faith, prayer and loving ways as a father and volunteer at the penitentiary sustains him daily.
Occupation: Home Improvement
Age: 50

Interviewed: January 12, 2002
Location: Phoenixville, PA

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